"The Way Back to Yarasquin"

We recently watched an inspiring documentary, “The Way Back to Yarasquin”, directed by Sarah Gerber.  The film is the story of Mayra Orellana-Powell, the operator of a specialty coffee company based in the San Francisco Bay area.   Growing up in the village of Santa Elena, Honduras, Mayra experienced coffee as a way of life, that was underlying and represented in community, relationships and gratitude.  The film follows Mayra's journey back to her village and traces the establishment of a small coffee business and her journey back home with respected Third Wave coffee professionals in pursuit of great coffee.

Ultimately, this story is about the human, relational side of coffee. It offers a captivating insight into the challenges faced by many small coffee farmers as well as the potential for enrichment in lives of the farmers and their communities that is possible as a result of the growth of Third Wave coffee.  We highly recommend this film for anyone wanting to learn more about coffee at its origin and for those seeking reaffirmation of the impact an individual can have in the development and enrichment of a community. 

Further information on the film and how to view it is available at  http://www.yarasquinthemovie.com/